Gino Morillo Morales – General Secretary and Translator

¡”Buenos días” en “Goeiedaag”! As you probably can see, my name is not a ‘typical’ Dutch name: I am of Spanish descent. I come from Reuver, a small village at the German border, not too far from Belgium either, in the province of Limburg, a unique province in the Netherlands with its own regional language, Limburgish. Hopefully this accumulation confused you a bit: all these languages, countries and regions are what got me interested in language variation, language acquisition, sociolinguistics in general, different cultures, and identity. I did my Bachelor’s in Spanish Language and Culture and I am currently finalising my Research Master’s in Linguistics. I am also doing ethnographic research on “The usage of Limburgish at pre-school playgrounds in Eijsden-Margraten” for the Meertens Institute.

Learning languages is one of my passions: feel free to talk to me in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Limburgish, Portuguese (still learning) or Spanish! In my free time, I love travelling (my ultimate goal is to finish that scratch map hanging on my wall), swimming, and going out for a drink with friends every now and then. Silly puns will also be greatly appreciated. On top of that, I’m a fan of Real Madrid, the Spanish national football team, and Fernando Alonso. I would love to welcome you to Nijmegen, and share stories with each other!