Helpers and Sponsors


A handful of full-time students would never be able to organise a conference on their own. Therefore, we have lots of helpers to thank. A special thank you goes to:

  • Klaar Vernaillen, Wilbert Spooren and Marianne Starren, for their ongoing support in organisational matters using their connections within and outside of the university to make this StuTS editions possible,
  • Rehana Omardeen and Christoph Aurnhammer, for enthusiastically volunteering to organise a pub quiz,
  • Marina Koleva, for help with the party and general tasks,
  • Markus Jochim from the Junge Sprachwissenschaft e.V., for creating our registration forms and making them simple to use,
  • the Verein Junge Sprachwissenschaft, for information, help, tips, and tricks,


Next to needing people to organise a conference, you also need a lot of money. We are extremely grateful to our sponsors for their generosity in supporting the 62nd StuTS!

Further supporters