Romy Roumans

Hey everyone! My name is Romy and just like Gino I grew up in the beautiful province of Limburg, close to the Belgian and German borders, which is why I spent a lot of time in Germany and Belgium when I was a little girl. This contributed to my passion for the German and French language and culture. In the end, I decided to do my Bachelor’s in German language and culture in Nijmegen. Here, I got acquainted with the study of phonetics and phonology, language acquisition, sociolinguistics as wells as NT2 (Dutch as a second language), and I fell in love with linguistics. That is why I followed as many linguistic classes within my Bachelors as I could and did a few linguistic research-internships related to Limburgish dialects. Because of this, I am also doing the Research Master Language & Communication and at the moment I am investigating the phonological accommodation of Ripuarian dialects. Whenever I am not busy with my studies or my research, I can often be found in the gym where I train with weights, do HIT or bootcamp.

Myrte van Hilten

Hi!My name is Myrte, born and raised in Gelderland, in a town not far from Nijmegen. I was 17 years old when I came here to study English Language and Culture. During my Bachelor and an exchange semester in Canterbury (UK), I found out that Linguistics is a thing (that is actually very interesting). I threw out Shakespeare and Jane Austen and started working on a thesis on information structure in English as a foreign language. During this process I noticed that not only Linguistics, but also academic research had sparked my interest. That is why I started the Research Master Language and Communication in Nijmegen last year. I specialize in second language acquisition, and English as a foreign language in particular. Besides all the studying, my internship, and work, I am interested in sports, cooking, and photography. And of course I also help the StuTS organisation team with all sorts of things, like the round table and the brunch. It is going to be gezellig!

Elisabeth Süß

Hey, my name is Elisabeth and I’m from the beautiful Ahr valley near Bonn in Germany. When I was 15, I discovered online that there is a study program called linguistics and ever since I considered studying it. That’s also what happened: I moved to Düsseldorf to study Linguistics with a specialization in Psycholinguistics. Since I grew up bilingual because of my Swedish mother, my interest for bilingualism was something I was born with. During my semester abroad in California, this interest became even stronger when I attended a course on second language acquisition. I started my Research Master in Language and Communication here in Nijmegen about one year ago and my specialization is phonetics and phonology in second language acquisition. In my spare time, I spend time with friends or work out in our great sportscenter on campus (you should check it out!). Like Romy, Myrte, and Jiska, I help with the organization of the events in the evenings and the brunch.

Jiska Koemans

Hi everybody! My name is Jiska Koemans. I grew up in Duiven, close to Nijmegen. By accident, I discovered that the university in Nijmegen offered Linguistics at an open day, so I signed up for the information session. Five minutes into the session, I knew I had found the right programme and so I started my bachelor’s in linguistics in 2013. I thought (and still think) that it was a great field in which I could make use of my love for languages. When I started working on my thesis, I found out that I really love doing research. My project was on cross-linguistic emotionperception through background noise and I got the opportunity to present my results at a workshop in San Francisco. The workshop was connected to the conference Interspeech and I was allowed to visit the conference, getting an insight into the life of a researcher through this fantastic experience. Just like the others, I am doing the research master Language and Communication, with a focus on psycholinguistics and language recognition. Outside my studies, I spend a lot of time at the sportscentre, love to spend an evening on the couch with Netflix or a book, or I am spending time in town with my friends. Therefore, I am mostly involved with the StuTS pub crawl ;), but also with some other activities of course. I’m excited!