Annika Schiefner – Capo del Comitato Organizzativo (“La Presidente”)

Coming from a background of psycholinguistics, typology, and psychology, I started being interested in sign language in my master’s. I am going to be writing my master thesis in that area throughout the next year. Since I am also a very confusing person who puts her dreams before anything else, I’m going to pursue sign language studies at a bachelor level again after my master’s. If I’m not studying, I’m usually working at one of my jobs, writing papers, reading, cooking food for someone, or learning a new language. Potentially, of course, I might also be doing nothing while pretending to be thinking about some important project.

As the eldest member of the group and the one with the most experience in going to and organizing the StuTS, I am responsible for keeping everything together. If you have any questions about anything, come to me. I’ll know what to do or who to talk to. Feel free to approach me in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, and (if you are really patient) Dutch Sign Language.