Julia Egger – Segretaria dei Affari Tedeschi e Capo della Comunicazione nei Social Media

Born and raised in Vienna, I decided to leave my comfy Austrian home to pursue a Master in Linguistics in the Netherlands, where I not only got to know the joys of a great research environment, and multilingualism, I also met Annika who invited me to my very first conference – the StuTs in Leipzig. That’s where I first experienced the fascination and fun that comes with conferences, especially if they are not huge and frightening, but organized by people like me. That is why I am happy to bring this experience to Nijmegen and also to add a more multilingual note to it.

I am myself interested in multilingualism and everything connected to it, whether it might be psycholinguistics or sociolinguistics. This also makes me appreciate and love learning new languages. If I am not busy studying or working, I love to travel the world, hang out with friends, take pictures and sleep as much as I can in-between. But I also don’t say no to a good party.

If you have any questions regarding the StuTS or anything else, feel free to contact me in German, English, Spanish or Dutch!