Merijn Beeksma – Segretaria della Comunicazione Olandese

Hi there! Not far from Nijmegen, in a small green house in Arnhem, is where the biggest part of my linguistic career was built. Although I’m best characterized as an owner of many pets, enthusiastic scientist, and lover of food and drinks (in that order), the label ‘nerd’ is appropriate as well. Because I enjoy conferences a lot, I visited the StuTS in Heidelberg last year, and got involved in organizing the next edition.

In contrast to my multilingual co-organizers, my programming skills overshadow any potentially impressive foreign language skills, which reflects in my research: I focus on developing language technology to make our lives better, easier, and more fun. This helps us to save time and energy for the truly important things in life: make cute photo’s of guinea pigs with little heads, organize cool conferences, and enjoy all that the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen have to offer.